The Process

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Peak Season Labor will help you break through the red tape associated with hiring H-2A workers. The H-2A process is cumbersome and highly regulated. Accuracy and timeliness are critical in obtaining successful H-2A certification(s). We have the experience, know-how and resources to help you through the approval process and match you with dependable worker(s) that will fulfill your farm or ranch labor needs.

Some of the applications and necessary steps we will complete on your behalf include:

  • Filing with the State Workforce Agency
  • Filing Department of Labor Application
  • Submission of Petition with Department of Homeland Security
  • Screening of U.S. Applicants (you may be required to interview)
  • Preparing Worker Contract in Spanish and English
  • Assisting with Travel Arrangements

Our friendly and attentive staff will keep you informed every step of the way! We will not leave you hanging – wondering what is the status of your application? However, when you have questions or concerns we will respond promptly to your calls and emails.

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