About the Workers

Workers may be employed to work in the United States up to 10 months per year, and in some cases visa extensions will allow them to work up to 3 consecutive years.  The majority of workers we recruit come from Peru and Mexico. Positions vary from Open Range Livestock Workers and Sheepherders to Irrigators and Landscape Nursery Workers… and more!

Our bi-lingual staff provides visa application instruction, job orientation and travel assistance to all qualified workers. And it is important to state, Workers are never charged to get a job – this is not only illegal, but unethical.

At Peak Season Labor we strive to provide Spanish-speaking workers with a detailed list of their job responsibilities, employer rules, and legal requirements. Some of the applicants speak fluent English and many others speak and understand well enough to take direction.

In every instance, we want employers and workers to get off on the right foot and enjoy an ongoing working relationship. Please contact us to hear about available workers for you!

ATTENTION U.S. AND FOREIGN WORKERS! Feel free to “Contact Us” to inquire about available Ranch and Farm positions!